To Airbnb or not to Airbnb?

Why use rental agents if you can just Airbnb it?


Airbnb has one definite advantage as landlords can advertise cheaper prices for tenants. It can cut past the middleman direct to the public and offer the cheap offers however there are some major disadvantages to be aware of.

1. Speaking on the phone

Although texting is allowed you are barred from giving contact information so you can’t speak on the phone with the prospective tenants. We have found that when speaking on the phone with prospective customers you can find out what they need and want. It also gives a feeling of mutual trust when you are in conversation with a real person on the other side.

2. Untimely cancellations

There can be a lot of cancellations by owners/managers on airbnb. Some tenants have come to us after having booked an apartment on airbnb thinking that their apartment was booked only to find that the offer was rejected. Take the case of Brian H. He thought he had booked an apartment with airbnb only to learn about the rejection of his offer after asking his daughter to verify regarding when she can get the keys. We do a check on all our apartments to see that they are up to standard. One apartment in our portfolio was not ready to be rented. We informed our client about this and managed to find him a great apartment for his requirements.

3. Not the only way to market..

Airbnb is just one medium. Although popular, it is not the only place that prospective tenants go to book apartments. There are many websites and networks that can be used for marketing purposes. Unless you have the time to market the apartments it is best left to a trusted professional. As managers we put all the apartments we manage on airbnb and other channels.

4. Attention landlords! Be careful of this..

Make sure that when an agent uses a credit card system that they have the tenant sign the invoice. The prospective tenant can call up their credit card company and cancel their booking. This was learned the hardway…

5. Trust

A good agent knows their apartments so they can suggest something that they know

6. Seeing the apartment before booking

Agents usually meet with the prospective tenants so they can show them an apartment. It can be much more difficult to visit the apartment or at least have a family friend see the apartment through airbnb. You are nearly forced to book site unseen.

7. Extra services

A good agent will also offer extra concierge services- points of interest, cleaning services, private taxi services etc.

8. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff

We do the work for you sifting out the apartments according to your needs. Yes a client can check for many listings on the airbnb platform. Yet this is a long process and requires time. It is something that a good agent does as part of his work and can spend time sifting through the apartments for relevant offers. A good agent will send a number of offers to the client.

9. Sometimes better rates

We have the potential to get better rates because of our relationship with the owners

10. Agents also use airbnb to advertise

Agents also use airbnb to advertise so although its an effective way to market its not this vs that. It should be part of an effective marketing strategy including other channels and forums.

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short term rental in Jerusalem vs a hotel, which one is better?

So you are planning a vacation rental in Jerusalem…?

Which way do you go..  

Benefits of vacation rentals over hotels

  • • More Spacious

If you are more than 2 people generally you will find that apartments are much more spacious than hotels. Families with kids will find it cheaper to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and they will get a spacious living room.

  • own appliances

In apartments you use your own appliances. You can cook, use a washer and dryer. this is something you don’t get in hotels

  • luxury

There are many luxury complexes where you have all the amenities like a gym and pool. Take for example Harav Kook, King David Residence, Hazer Haneviim, Monbaz and others

  • Explore the city

Immerse yourself in the the city & culture. Live like a resident and get to know your neighbour. In a hotel you’re in a cacoon. What about the extra services? A good rental agency can have the services of a hotel for example cleaning, catering and other services.

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Don’t be caught off-guard with apartment scams!

Don’t be the one caught off-guard by apartment scams.

8 valuable tips for landlords and tenants in Jerusalem and how to avoid scams!

1. Go visit

If you can ask a trusted friend or family member to go visit the apartment before you pay it will save you a headache down the road if it is not in accordance with what you thought.

2. Just like Amazon..

An established rental agency will have reviews or testimonials that have the names of clients as references. They may not divulge all the information as clients may want to stay anonymous. Ask if any have left their contact details so you can inquire.

3. The big surprise

Be aware that in Israel for rentals above 2 weeks you may need to factor in an electricity charge which is calculated according to consumption. This however should not be a big charge however sometimes in the summer or winter months when the tenant forgets to switch off air-conditioners or heating this can be a costly exercise. The landlord may stipulate that electricity is covered up to 250 NIS per month. This is a clause that protects the landlord from abuse by tenants. For long term rentals, in general, you would need to account for utilities (electricity, water, gas if any), Arnona (municipal taxes: the amount varies according to the size of the property) and Vaad Bayit (building maintenance: this cost can be expensive if it is a new building with amenities such as security 24/7, pool, gym).

4. Do this last minute and you’ll get $$$

To save on costs it may be possible to negotiate good prices on last minute inquiries. This is not a guarantee but landlords will be open to offers. The risk in this is that the apartment you have kept your eye on will be gone.

5. Market everywhere

For the landlord to make sure that an agent takes good pictures and markets the property on a number of sites. Many landlords in Israel might use a website like Yad Shteim but they are limiting there market to Israelis mostly but there are many different websites that bring in clients from all over. A majority of our clients come from the U.S. and Canada yet we have inquiries from Australia, South Africa the UK, France and Europe in general. Make sure that the agents use a number of websites in their marketing.

6. Don’t be fooled

Be aware of agents putting the price above 50% of their commission. The standard should be 10% to 20% + Vat commission for short term rentals depending if the property is managed by the agent or not. For long term rentals (1 year), standard agency fee is 1 month rent + VAT. A good agent will market the property to a large audience and will use marketing to attract other potential clients as well as a broad network of other agents in the industry.

7. Secure yourself

Exclusive arrangements can be better for everyone. This Sukkot for example 14 out of 14 of our exclusive apartments whom we also manage have been rented out. This includes apartments with or without a Sukkah. An exclusive arrangement allows the agent to put full focus on that apartment and invest in it by adding it in numerous media as well as sharing with other brokers in the field.

8. Extra services

Since we also manage our exclusive apartments this would be of help when the tenants want a crib for example. We can use one of our cribs from one apartment and move them to another if they are not being in use. This saves the landlord costs. In addition we make sure the apartment is in good shape for example to make sure the air conditioner or fridge is in good working order. We will buy whatever is needed and usually shop around for what is needed.

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Please feel free to contact us to receive a personal recommendation!

June 2023

David L.

“Great location and very comfortable. Enjoyed our stay and would use it again when in Jerusalem.” (The Rechavia)

Neil S.

“A fantastic location and a nice, simple apartment at a great price. I’ve stayed here twice and would definitely go back.” (The German Colony)

November 2022

Sergey R.

“It was a great time staying there. We enjoyed it a lot. We liked the apartment, the location. I was also very pleased with the attention to small things, like a good shampoo, conditioner, napkins, etc. If any questions arose, we were immediately answered and solved. 5/5” (The Rivka)

Tomas C.

““Muy recomendado, excelente ubicación y comodidad de las instalaciones. Gracias por la recepción y limpieza. Fluida comunicación y disposición para ayudar en las dudas.” (The Rechavia)

Michael D.

“This was a clean, spacious apartment. We were two couples and we all felt like we had our own private space. Also, management was very pleasant and responded promptly to our needs.” (The Rechavia)

Samuel E.

“We had a lovely time. Accommodations were excellent. We will be out by 10am, the latest.
Please note: the parking garage remote control may need a new battery. It worked erratically.
Also the front door lock sometimes gets stuck and the key cannot come out. After I manually opened and then closed the lock from indoors, the key was easily removed.
Thank you for your hospitality and a warm and comfortable stay.
I will surely stay with you again! Shabbat shalom.” (The

October 2022

Yitzchock G.

“Nice clean apartment very centrally located.” (The Panorama)

September 2022

Kyle P.

“Perfect home away from home.! The location and view from the balcony is perfect. We really appreciated the great communication and how responsive they were – Hospitality was second to none. Comfortable and relaxing. The communication went above and beyond. They were responsive with requests and needs.” (The Panorama)

August 2022

Zev W.

“Stayed at the Nerya. The staff was amazingly helpful, the accommodations were better than the online description. literally a 2 minute walk to the Shuk. Highly recommend it and will definitely use Tzion again. Emmanuel and Elisheva were my contacts and were super responsive.” (The Nerya)

Joseph B.

“Great customer service, great location, ok apartment.” (The Himalaya)

July 2022

Zachary W.

“A beautiful apartment in a modern building in the heart of Baka. We enjoyed our stay and can’t wait to stay again soon! Thanks so much for an awesome stay!” (The Excellence)

Jonathan F.

“Everything about this apartment and the management company handling the process were terrific. We were looking to stay in Baka for a few weeks and the location could not be better, central to everything in the neighborhood and easy walks (or bus rides) everywhere else. The apartment complex is relatively new and definitely higher-end. The kitchen is well stocked (they have kosher and non-kosher utensils for renters, as needed, as well as all Shabbat equipment), the beds are very comfortable, the Wi-Fi and air conditioning worked perfectly throughout the apartment, there was plenty of hot water, and overall the area is residential and quiet. Plenty of food shopping options nearby (makolet or larger market), as well as restaurants and prepared food shops of every kind (just throwing in a plug for the David Laor kiosk at the park at R’ Efraim and Menashe – honestly, don’t miss it). There’s a parking spot reserved for the apartment in the underground garage, which was helpful when family and friends came to visit. The Tzion Apartments management company was absolutely terrific and I can’t say enough good things about Elisheva Aharon who is delightful and started contacting us a month before our stay to see what we might need. She was always available and answered every email and WhatsApp message nearly instantly. I’m not used to such outstanding 5-star customer service in Israel, but I may have to re-evaluate my expectations based on my experiences here. Without a doubt I would rent this apartment again when I stay in Baka and I certainly will contact Tzion Apartments if I stay anywhere else in Jerusalem. Our whole trip couldn’t have turned out better or easier.” (The Excellence)

May 2022

Amity W.

“All was great! Perfect app and very good location.” (The Nerya)

April 2022

Lauren G.

“The Himalaya was an amazing apartment. Very spacious with a beautiful courtyard and great location! Plus an indoor pool – which is a rare find in Jerusalem! Communication with the property manager was also incredible! We had a wonderful vacation there!” (The Himalaya)

Ophira G.

“The apartment was very comfortable, in a great location and we really enjoyed it.

The apartment is clean, tidy and equipped for religious families, the pool is comfortable and cozy.” (The Himalaya)

Rachel R.

“It was wonderful being with our family in a comfortable, clean and convenient space. We hope to do it soon again on our next trip.” (The Excellence)

February 2022

David L.

“Great choice for a large family. The location was excellent, communication with the property manager was top notch, we would definitely do this again and recommend it to all our friends. Thank you.”

December 2021

David H.

“Very nice house. Clean, big, new and amazing location. We will be back.” (The Magnificence)

November 2021

Seth R.

“Quality apartment in a perfect location if you’re visiting family or friends in talpiyot, baka or German Colony. There are numerous grocery stores nearby and the Hadar mall is a 5 minute walk away.” (The Excellence)

September 2021

Tatyana G.

“We had a wonderful time and felt at home at Himalaya! Beautiful, spacious, well-organized and well-equipped place, suitable for bigger families. Central but quiet. We enjoyed the balcony, the courtyard and the pool. Communication was prompt and easy. Elisheva was very helpful and gave us plenty of advice about the neighbourhood and places to eat. Highly recommended!” (The Himalaya)

Tanya W.

Fantastic apartment – perfect location incredible service- spotlessly clean. Recommend it highly especially for a family. (The Himalaya)

Jeffrey G.

“Emmanuel is very helpful and professional. I was in Israel and discovered that I would need to stay in Israel for an extended period of time, including the fall holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, etc.). My wife and I had very specific needs, and Emmanuel was able to work with me and (I believe) with the property owner to reach a price that we could afford, beginning after Rosh Hashanah (early September 2021) and extending through more than half of October.

During our stay Elisheva was super-helpful whenever we had questions or problems.

Regarding the specific property, The Azure, I arrived to a clean, spacious apartment that was ready to be occupied. My wife was delighted with it! It is nicely furnished and very comfortable. Our “wish list” for the apartment was fairly short, and there was nothing we were unable to figure out, either on our own or with the help of Elisheva. (It would be helpful if there were better/more complete documentation and/or videos about the appliances. Also, from the point of view of vegetarians, it would have been nice if the dairy side pots, utensils, etc., were brought up to par with the meat side, in terms of numbers.) All in all, we had an excellent experience!” (The Azure)

August 2021

Shmuel U.

“The place is nice and clean. Location is great. Communication worked well, coming in and out.” (The Azure)

May 2021

Daniel M.

“Great website makes it easy to find an apartment.” 

April 2021

Sarah B.

“Gorgeous Air B&B, one of the nicest we’ve stayed in. Apartment is HUGE, super clean, with new modern finishes. It overlooks beautiful gardens which my children enjoyed playing in and for those who know Jerusalem, the location can’t be beat. Mendi is a great host who welcomed us personally and graciously and made sure we had everything we needed.” (The Washington)

March 2021

Diana S.“We really enjoyed our stay in the apartment. Great location. The apartment is beautifully organized. We had everything we needed. Everything was really great. We will definitely be back for another family vacation.” (The Himalaya)

December 2019


“We really enjoyed our stay – the apartment is fantastic.”

Paul S.

“Great view, good price. Issues resolved almost immediately. Definitely would consider again.”

Eric B.

“Lovely house with plenty of space. Host was most accommodating.”

Betty K.

“Emmanuel est un hôte de choix, prêt à vous aider, que ce soit de la pizza à commander à la planche à repasser ! Toutes les intentions étaient là à l’arrivée. Rien ne manque dans cette petite pièce si ce n’est juste quelques m2….”

Yasmine K.

“Great location! Nice place.”

Scott S.

“We were very pleased with the location. It is a five-minute walk to the shuk where you can experience Jerusalem’s mix of cultures, excellent vegetables, fruits, fish, meats, poultry, desserts, snacks, restaurants and stores. The light rail runs on Jaffa Street and is easy to use to get around the city. The apartment itself is three stories. One bedroom with en-suite bathroom is downstairs with nothing else. Everything else is upstairs. People with mobility issues should consider this. Two bedrooms are on the third floor (we had one with a double bed and the other room with a twin trundle bed. There is also a shared bathroom and a laundry room. On the middle floor is the kitchen, living area and the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The kitchen has kosher and non-kosher divisions but if your kashrut is strict, staying in an AirBnB is probably not for you. We enjoyed our stay. Our hostess was responsive and helpful. The Saidoff complex itself is a very nice courtyard complex consisting of a tower and a row of attached townhomes including this unit. Note: if you will be unloading luggage, ask the concierge in the office to open the gate, so your vehicle can enter the courtyard from Mani street.”

Nancy S.

“We loved the location right by the shuk and to Rechov Yafa enabling easy access to Old City. You can actually even walk which we did – ! The 3 floor set up worked out wonderfully as there are 2 rooms -perfect for a young family with 4 kids! The main floor has lovely bedroom and bath as did entry floor. Noisy kids on 3rd floor were barely heard by either. Additionally the convenience of Shuls and parking a huge plus!! I would definitely stay there again.”

David M.

“The apartment was newly renovated, clean and had everything we needed. The location is very central, walking distance to so much, from Ben Yehuda and restaurants, to the Old City. The host was very helpful and attentive. I would stay there again. The only downside was that the building itself that the apartment is in is old, but once in the apartment you don’t notice.”

Deborah S.

“Great communication, clean and comfortable apartment in newly renovated building. Great access to shopping and restaurants. Welcome booklet explaining how to use all new appliances and locations of local amenities.”

Eric B.

“Lovely house with plenty of space. Host was most accommodating.”

Rachel R.

“The apartment was clean, well maintained and convenient. Elisheva was available whenever we needed her. We had a wonderful stay and would highly recommend the apt. to others! Thanks Emmanuel for all your communication prior to our arrival.”

November 2019

Cherie L.

“Fantastic location! Fully functional apartment.”

Elizabeth K.

“We really enjoyed our stay! The house is very clean and the beds are very comfortable. Check-in was simple and communication was clear. It’s in a beautiful part of town and there’s a really nice park close by. Definitely would recommend!”

Janie H.

“Service efficace et ponctuel. Un vrai accompagnement pour trouver un appartement et s’y installer. Efficient and efficient service. A real accompaniment to find an apartment and settle there.”

Kim F.

“Love this place! Will use again with a small group of friends! (6 ladies fit together nicely this time). Helpful instructions and just great overall! Sooo close to the bus stop that can take you anywhere in town.”

Devorah K.

“We really enjoyed our stay! The house is very clean and the beds are very comfortable. Check-in was simple and communication was clear. It’s in a beautiful part of town and there’s a really nice park close by. Definitely would recommend!”

Lorry M.

“Great apartment, and great location. We love staying in the City Center close to restaurants, stores, the Shuk, light rail, and Ben Yehuda so close by. The Old City is a 15 minute walk! The apartment has everything we needed and Elisheva was great to work with! She definitely made our stay much easier. She was very responsive whenever we had questions. Thanks Elisheva!!! We will look for this place next time we are in Jerusalem! 5 stars all the way!”

Lara L.

“Отличное местоположение. Чистое и просторное жилье”  “Great location. Clean and spacious accommodation”

October 2019

Sara S.

“Great apartment – exactly as described. Amazing location near all restaurants; buses; malls and shopping. We really enjoyed our time at the Azure – great location; apt was as described – clean, neat and had everything we needed. Thanks!”

Sam T.

“Large, roomy apartment. Ensuite off master bedroom, and separate bathroom, was perfect for our family of five. Great to have the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Kitchen could do with a few more implements to aide with cooking. Lovely to have an outdoor area. Playground for kids is right next door Thanks so much, we’d definitely stay again. The apartment suited our needs perfectly.”

David P.

“The accommodations are spectacular. The apartment has wonderful space and a very inviting and relaxing patio garden area where you can enjoy a delightful sunrise or sunset.”

Shira D.

“Thank you! We had a lovely stay! Great apartment in a great location. Clean and plenty of space for our big family.”

Moshe S.

“Great spot! close to main attractions.”

September 2019

Gary E.

“I did have a great time, I absolutely enjoyed my time and how accommodating you were. You can quote me as looking forward to returning and staying with you again.”

August 2019

Hein W.

“Goeie plek best dicht bij de oude stad , Netjes en schoon – Good place quite close to the old city, Neat and clean”

July 2019

Della O.

“I have only good things to say about first of all the place and location. For about a month’s time, it felt like a mini home for me, comfortable, modern and centrally located. But even more, your staff, Elisheva and Guillaume were exemplary in responding whenever I texted them, they were courteous and and excellent reflection of your company. I would rent by you again Bezrat Hashem.”

Sharon W.

“Plenty of space. Easy communication with host.”

Leon J.

“Our stay at Emmanuel’s place was absolutely fabulous!The apartment is comfortable, stylish and looks just as advertised and as presented on pictures. Cannot ask for a better location, and for a better host.”

David G.

“This apartment is fabulous on every level! Great location, comfortable amenities, with an easy walk convenient to the Center City, Rehavia, and German Colony attractions. It is right across the street from two of the premier hotels in Jerusalem; for the cost of a hotel room at either you will have a full 2BR/2BA apartment with all the comforts of home. Also, the communication from the rental agency was excellent.”

Reuven C.

“conforme à la description, très bien situé si vous ne possédez pas de voiture (très compliqué à se garer), très beau studio design, personnel très réactif et gentil, un séjour exceptionnel, un peu de poussière mais ils ont envoyé immédiatement du personnel d’entretien, des petites attention très sympa, complètement fourni et parfaitement adapté à un long ou court séjour merci”

Sophie L.

“L’appartement est parfaitement situé, proche des commerces, des axes de circulation. Idéal pour une famille, l’appartement est vaste et très bien équipé. Nous voulions vivre au plus près des résidents de Jerusalem, ce qui fut le cas. La vieille ville est rapidement accessible à pied ou en tram. Un parking à 2 minutes, pour notre voiture de location. Les informations d’accès étaient très claires et permettent une arrivée tardive en toute autonomie. Le plus: un balcon très agréable à la nuit tombée pour prendre la fraicheur…”

June 2019

Ioram S.

“This is a lovely new apartment close to the old city and many other attractions in Jerusalem. I would definitely recommend it. The Internet was unstable but the host Guillaume answered quickly and tried to fix it with the service provider.”

Jose L.

“Everything. The condo is a great place to be with family and friends. We were a group of eight people and there was enough space for us all. There are three floors, three full bathrooms, and a nice living area with an ample kitchen. You have everything you need. The balconies also added a touch of sophistication to the whole place. Everything was clean, airy, bright, and felt good. Maybe, it’s because it’s Jerusalem? The location is perfect, as the condo sits on an upscale building with beautiful playground, inside and outside areas, and a fitness center with a pool in a modern-living style. The building faces a vibrant street with a main tram line that easily and quickly takes you to Old Jerusalem. The street has many shops and restaurants and the famous Mahane Yehuda Market is only 5 minutes away by foot. And what was even better was to feel welcome by the group of people who manage the apartment. From beginning to end, they communicated with us promptly and clearly demonstrating high-level professionalism and kindness. We had the great opportunity to meet Elisheva, the apartment manager, who made us feel extremely welcomed and even helped us with hiring a wonderful tour guide, Gil Zohar, who took us to Bethlehem and Hebron in a blessed trip. Our staying in Jerusalem was blessed and we give credit to the loving and generous people who made us feel welcome the whole time.”



Shin S.

“Great place.”

Guy W.

“This is a beautiful apartment with all of the amenities for a great (kosher) stay! Our family stayed here for our daughter’s wedding festivities. The hosts (Guillaume and Elisheva) were incredibly responsive and friendly and provided us with any information or amenities that we needed. We highly recommend this apartment to anyone who wants a very comfortable place to stay in Jerusalem. We were within 20-25 minutes of anything within the city that we needed.”

Ion G.

“Great place to stay with lots of close-by places to eat and visit. The location was perfect. The view from the balcony is amazing. The host was attentive and helpful. No issues during the stay. Great price for what was offered. Parking is included; a rare perk to have around this area of the city. Great view. The washer and dryer was a “must have” for us. Elisheva was our host and made us feel like home. Cheers.”

Irene R.

“Very easy to deal with and very accommodating”

May 2019


“The apartment‘s location couldn’t be more convenient. It’s very spacious, clean and well equipped. Everything we needed was provided and communication was very good. I would come again any time”

Yehuda B.

“A bright, clean, modern apartment in a great location, I highly recommend. The hosts were great too.”

Liron L.

“דירה נהדרת! מיקום מצוין, דירה נקייה, מאובזרת ומרווחת. מארחים זמינים ונגישים לשאלות. ממליצה בחום.”

April 2019

Menachem L.

“We loved our stay at the Suzy. The apartment was modern, very clean, the perfect size for our 6 person family, amazing location, including a parking spot and a washer/dryer. The communication from the owners was clear and prompt and the price was right! I would highly recommend this apartment to all!”
I appreciated the detailed communications about check in and parking. It was really great!”

Joseph R.

“Great home with the exact location we wanted, everything was clean and nice, service was outstanding, made our trip nice and easy, will be staying with the host when coming back every time!”
“Thank you for having us at your wonderful home, our trip was amazing thanks to your service as well.”

Etienne V.

“Un lieu très accessible pour découvrir Jérusalem et rayonner en Israël.”

Suzanne Y.

“Wonderful apartment in a great location. Jaffa gate is about a 15-minute walk. Lots of restaurants and shopping in the area. Highly recommend!” “Thanks so much for a great stay! We really enjoyed our time in Jerusalem and your apartment made our “home away from home””

Alejandro V.

“Amazing place to stay! Close to everything, the apartment was very clean, beds were really comfortable and the spacious living room and kitchen was the perfect spot for my family and I to end the day having dinner. It was nine of us and we had no issue with space. Washer and dryer were available to use too.”

Steven F.

“A great place with good parking for a second vehicle. Near good restaurants and a nice park.”

Jamie W.

“Really great location & great host!”

Barbara F.

“The apartment was in a great location. It was very large and very well maintained – and very modern. It’s on the 3rd floor. My only complaint was the entry door to the building was not kept locked at night and there was no light in the entry hallway at night.”

Mustafa F.

“Feels like home :)”

March 2019

Jean Pierre S.

“The hosts, Elisheva and Emmanuel, were excellent. Their communication is superb and they gave very detailed instructions on how to get into the apartment. The place was very clean and comfortable. The location is outstanding. We were only a few minutes from the lightrail and the area is full of grocery stores and pharmacies. We really enjoyed our stay in Jerusalem and will definitely return one day. I would recommend this apartment and Elisheva/Emmanuel as hosts anytime!”

Jan K.

“Really awesome and modern apartment. We felt like in a 5-star hotel! Definitely recommended! We even found a free parking lot just in front of the building (available spots are appearing in the evening).”

February 2019

Brendan G.

“We would stay again, and the location and price are almost irresistible.”

January 2019

Paul C.

“Amazing in every way… wonderful stay for our family. Amazing views!”

Daniel S.

“Great location. Lovely apartment. When the hot water and heating stopped working they were dealt with immediately. Highly recommend.”

December 2018

Siddharth M.

“Great location near Mahane Yehuda market. Lots of beds in a nice modern apt building and has everything you would need with 3 floors”

Claudio P.

“Appartamento in posizione strategica, vicino al filobus per raggiungere il centro e vicinissimo alla zona mercato all’aperto per serate”

November 2018

Elly S.

“We had an amazing stay. Host was easy to communicate with and the place was sparkling clean. Very spacious and would definitely stay here again. Gym and pool a real bonus! Thank you!”

Elizabeth S.

“We’re very well attended. Very professional and kind. Will look forward to staying with Emmanuel in the future.”

Michelle M.

“The location is AMAZING!”

October 2018

Channa L.

“Location is perfect! Close to shuk Ben Yehuda and walkable to old city. The apartment was bright clean and spacious for a studio. The owners were easy to deal with and easy to get keys. Fully recommended.”

Alan D.

“The nice little two bedroom apartment is in a great location, right across the street from the #7 bus, not far from the US Embassy and a quick walk to several grocers, a pizza shop and an ice cream shop. Just down the street there is bus service that will take you into the shopping and the old city touring areas. The apartment has everything you’d need, including a couple of nice perks like a clothes washer and WIFI internet. One of the photos looks like it shows a TV, but there was none in the apartment. Not really a problem for me, might be for others. The place was quiet, got nice sun on the nice outside deck, and there are lots of friendly helpful neighbors. All in all a very pleasant place to stay at a very fair price.”

Avi O.

“The accommodation were exactly as advertised and we very much enjoyed our stay. Staff was very helpful and responsive. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to stay in a very clean and nice apt in/near the Baka/Talpiot area.”

Andrea C.

“Well stocked apartment. Excellent info booklet in unit and in person intro to the apartment and area. Great restaurants very close by, Menza and Betsal’el cafe . Easy walk to Mahane Yehuda market.”

September 2018

Hannu I.

“The apartment was very clean and comfortable to stay with the little bit bigger group. We liked it a lot!”

Mark G.

“Beautiful apartment in a very central location in Jerusalem.”

August 2018

Meg S.

“Emmanuel and his team were very responsive and helpful. The place was quite nice, actually updated from the pictures that were available. I would definitely recommend staying at Emmanuel’s place if you are looking for something reliable, for helpful hosts, and for a great location.”

Jeffery S.

“Great location, very nice unit, clean, very helpful with any issues, would stay here again when we return next time.”

Yanky K.

“Great place everything was amazing!”

July 2018

Edward P.

Absolutely PERFECT! We are a family of 5. Everyone had their own space to relax. The common LR/DR/KITCHEN is spacious and bright, opens onto balcony overlooking King George Street. Ideal location! Central – walking distance to Old City and environs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Esther J.

Apartment is amazing – very modern, large, clean, and in an excellent location. Mendy was very responsive to all of our questions and request. It was perfect for our needs.

Jenifer P.

The location of the apartment was excellent. Our family of five was able to walk everywhere. We also used the light Rail which was very close by. The apartment was as described and the management was very easy to deal with. We would stay again.

June 2018

Richard C.

Kind and Clean! Great experience, two thumbs up!

Joyce R.

GREAT APARTMENT! Beautiful, spacious apartment, as nice (or nicer) as the photos; plus has microwave, and the dining table expands at both ends; probably could fit 12 people if the chairs aren’t too wide. [the apartment does not have that many chairs]. Great location; I liked being so close to Emek Refaim street, and the “rail trail” for walking (or running or biking). My husband enjoyed his 45 minute walk to the Kotel. (I prefer the bus for that distance) There is also a great playground a 3 min walk away, sort of behind the building, via an alley. Jerusalem is a large, urban city; the apartment is not in quiet location, but rather near lots of shopping, restaurants and supermarkets. The host is very responsive: when there was a change in the lock for the building outer door, he was at the apartment within an hour with a new set of keys. There is a booklet of info with, instructions for the appliances, and neighborhood info. All the appliances work properly . There is a great cross breeze, lots of natural light, and the beds are comfortable. Really a pleasure to stay in the Azure, a great home-away-from-home. I would DEFINITELY stay here again!

Berit B.

Very spacious and clean flat. Near public transport and a supermarket. Nice restaurants within walking distance. Best to arrive Sunday to Thursday when all services and shops open. We really enjoyed our visit. Thank you

May 2018

Brian G.

We loved our stay in Jerusalem and Emmanuel’s place was excellent. The location is a lovely neighborhood where we enjoyed real life shopping and dining at the large market. It’s close enough to walk to Old City (a long walk back;), we enjoyed all the amenities, including the pool, sauna, and workout room for the complex. The kitchen has everything needed for preparing meals and plenty of space. The layout worked so well for our family of seven with bedrooms on each floor for privacy. We would definitely recommend the apartment and would stay there again.

Ilana K.

Great apt – large space and amazing location.

Ilana K.

Great location. Clean, bright and comfortable. Spacious. Great and responsive hosts. Would definitely return on future trips.

Brandon G.

The place was exactly as described. The host contacted me multiple times prior to make sure I had exactly what I needed. The location was perfect. The bed was great.

Harris T.

The Yucca in Jerusalem is an excellent place to Stay… the location is central and perfect.. near just about any place you want to go .. and public transportation is just a half block away ; great restaurants across the street, down the block : you don’t have to work more than 3 blocks to eat a different great places for a week ; the studio is large, has everything you want including a washer and a dryer which is really helpful on the road , large screen tv with yes network , kitchen , good bathroom and shower, sitting area and work table and well as a covered balcony . There is a huge free parking lot across the street, a rarity in Jerusalem ( as of 5/28/2018 -in Israel this can change ). The owners are super accommodating and helpful and get back to you right away. I could not ask for a better stay for a week in Jerusalem . I Highly recommend the Yucca!

Otilia O.

It’s a modern space with all the amenities, close to the Old City (15 minutes walk) and 5 minutes walk to The Downtown Triangle. A very good choice!

Talia P.

The apartment is super clean, very modern and spacious. It is right by Ben Yehuda and the Shuk. We absolutely loved it and would definitely stay here again.

Kaylea K.

Clean, relaxing, lovely studio. Very spacious, very peaceful.

April 2018

Tania G.

Great location and easy to find. The apartment is in excellent conditions and it is very comfortable for 10 people. The beds in the “kids” room are a little bit small.

Robert B.

Great space, great location, very bright.

Rita G.

The Gardenia was perfect for our needs. The location and amenities made for a great Pesach trip. They even had Pesach dishes and pots. Highly recommend it!

Hamza M.

We had an amazing stay with tzion apartments! Very clean with everything you need! Chayim was on hand and was always very polite and helpful! In a great neighbourhood where everybody is friendly and good proximity to the old city! Definitely recommended!

Ezra H.

Great apartment for short term and long term stays. Amazing location and would recommend highly!

Lieuwe F.

Mooi appartement met 4 goede slaapkamers. Fijn zwembad en sportfaciliteiten. Naar centrum is 25 minuten lopen ,maar de tram stopt voor de deur. Goede communicatie met de verhuurder en duidelijke afspraken. Wij zouden dit appartement zo weer huren.

Shifra F.

This apartment is clean, spacious and airy. Everything in perfect working condition. It is centrally located. 2 minutes walk to Ben Yehuda. Less than half hour walk to Kotel. All our interactions with Emanuel and his staff were extremely pleasant and they were very accommodating. We would definitely stay there next time we visit!

Michael P.

I definitely recommend this place. It’s close to everything and there is a lot of great food and stuff to do in the area. Not to mention the place is also really nice and along with the host

March 2018

Penina H.

The apartment is spacious and light, and the building is quiet. Close to synagogues of various types. Not too far from a mall with all sorts of shopping including groceries. Close to several bus stops that will take you to various parts of the city.

Bram G.

Beautiful modern apartment within an old building on a quiet street in Jerusalem. A ten minute walk to Mamila. A great kids playground across the street. A five minute walk to Ben Yehudah and Machaneh Yehudah. Would gladly stay there again.

February 2018

Gunter O.

Centrally located spacious apartments. Walking distance to the old city of Jerusalem. Is located on a busy road. Parking is very good available. There are 2 apartments on 2 floors…Communication with the landlord ran without problems.

Tiemetje T.

Great location, clean and beautiful apartment with all the facilities you need. We had a great time in Jerusalem. The apartment was in a great location and was clean and beautiful.

January 2018

Margy G.

Apartment was sunny and clean and the manager was quite responsive to everything we requested. It is in a great location with easy parking. First floor made it even easier to access and we loved having a little playground which was right outside the front door

Eric S.

Very nice apartment, very professional and responsive management who addressed any issues immediately.

Eduardo B.

Great location!

Adina S.

Amazing location. Perfect, clean apartment. Emmanuel was an incredible host.

Simone Z.

This apartment was perfect for our family of six. It was spacious and stylish, with all the equipment we needed to feel at home, right down to the kitchen labels/colour-coding and ironing board. Shops are only a short walk away and there are many restaurants in nearby Emek Refaim. There is also easy access to the city centre and Old City. Apartment manager, Chayim, made sure check-in was easy and responded to our questions extremely quickly. He even bought a bigger knife for cutting vegetables and a large soup pot for the kitchen as the existing pots were quite small. The bench-top grill oven is perfect for cooking cheese borekas! Note, if you have a large car or a car with a poor turning circle then you may prefer to park on the street. The underground parking spot is pretty tight. We were impressed by the attention to detail and personal touches. Our daughter was very excited to see the bat mitzvah card and lollies to kickoff her celebrations.

December 2017

William F.

Look no further. This is cream of the crop. Top notch. Perfect location. Great space. Open floor plan. Very nice!

November 2017

Scott G.

Exactly as described! Chaim met us at the apartment soon after we arrived. He patiently and thoroughly explain to us how to use all the appliances, washer, dryer, oven, etc. Rarely do I leave a review, however, my whole family believes this experience deserves an excellent review! I was apprehensive going through Airbnb in a foreign country, but Emmanuel and Chaim genuinely exceeded our expectations. Anyone taking the time to read this review, should definitely consider this apartment an option. The next time we visit, I hope to stay here again!

Louise O.

Great location, and a great appartment for a group of people to stay.

Tom F.

We’ve been in the appartment for a week and we really had a good time. It’s a perfect place to discover Jersulam because it’s really in the center of everything. Best thing is the yehuda market with all the food and the resturants near by. We’ve been there with a crew of 6 people and I think that’s the perfect amount of people. There is a huge kitchen with space for everybody and two bathrooms. Emmanuel was always avalible for questions and check in was super easy. We will definitly consider to book the appartment again.

Jay G.

Place was fantastic, clean, spacious, kosher,great location. Wouldn’t have Expected such a nice situation in that building. Place was pristine.

Adeena J.

This apartment is awesome. It’s new, clean and very modern. It’s located near all the hotels. You can’t be in a better location. Emmanuel is amazing. He checks up with you all the time to make sure you have everything you need.

Anne et Charles B.

Un logement classe, spacieux et très bien placé sur ligne de Tram pour les visites, proche du marché ! Très bon contact et accueil.

Jose V.

Very nice apartment, new, very well located ten minutes from old town and in a nice neighborhood. Contact with the owner was easy.

Howard L.

I cannot say enough positive things about this apartment or Chaim who was our contact person. Everything is exactly as described and the location is perfect. The rooms are large, guest bathroom is huge, modern, clean. A great experience!

October 2017

Shorena K.

Great place!

Nestor N.

The apartment was as explained online and beyond. Stylish, nice remodeled interior and clean. Area is great and close to everything. Walking distance to tourists areas, restaurants , public transportation etc. I could have not asked for a better apartment considering my needs , rate and overall. I definitely would love to stay in this apartment on my next Israel trip. Outstanding!!!

Olga S.

The Iberis is an amazing apartment! Big, bright, modern and clean- my family of 9 fit very comfortably! Best location right near shops, restaurants and the old city! Host was very accommodating in all aspects- provided plenty of towels and special requests! Totally recommend this apartment for a fabulous stay in Jerusalem! Thanks Emmanuel for everything!

Zev A.

Very convenient location. It includes a parking space which we didn’t use. Fifth floor with elevator. 2 equal size bedrooms both with closet space. A full bathroom and a half bathroom. Kitchen is fully stocked and there is a beautiful porch. There is internet and cable tv, a washer and dryer. We appreciated the host providing a crib and baby bathtub. Very memorable month of high holidays in Jerusalem.

September 2017

Beverly L.

This was a perfect place for us. We’ll located to hotels, synagogues, downtown and friends. The Host was very accommodating and helpful.

Kathy M.

This is a beautiful clean apt . Everything was as advertised. Very convenient location, walking distance to shopping & the Kotel,light train & Israel Museum. We ( the grandparents) along with our son , daughter in law & 4 grandchildren were very comfortable staying there on our vacation from the US. I Highly recommend it.

August 2017

Baruch N.

Nice, spacious apartment. Staff is very responsive. Location is out of city center, which is what we wanted. More residential but only a 20-25 minute walk to Ben Yehudah or a quick bus ride

Robin B.

A really nice and beautifully built condo in a central location. 5 mins from Jerusalem’s premier market – wonderfully stocked, riotously loud and fun. Easy light railway journey to the Old City 20 mins door-to-door. Final dinner in King David Hotel sealed a great time. Chaim met us and had arranged a taxi pickup from Tel Aviv airport to the venue. Highly recommend.

Meir L.

It is a very nice and recently updated 2 br apartment in an older building. Everything was cleaned and ready for us. We needed an extra mattress and they arranged it for us. Very shomer shabbos-friendly apartment. The parking was a real plus and the location can’t be beat for going all over Jerusalem. We would definitely stay here again.

Yehuda L.

A lovely town house with excellent access to all Jerusalem’s attractions

Orly L.

We were 10 guests in the apartement. It is in a great location, accurate description. The facilities were really good, you need to remember that you share it with other guests. Also, we made a mistake by going out with our car on Thursday night, and got stuck in traffic. One last thing- dont hesitate to call the facility’s services- they’re great!

Avi R.

Emanuel , was awesome , the apartment is very centrally located. Best location in town. The ceilings are high and the rooms are a nice size. The apartment is modern and very comfortable.

Jiaqi C.

Absolutely a gorgeous place to stay. I believe other reviews have said it all. Great location, friendly and available staff, well furnished. Definitely a great place to stay if you are traveling in group.

Mika A.

Nice place, good location and walking distance to Jerusalem promenade. Host is friendly and helpful.

July 2017

Henok A.

Apartment was exactly as advertised. Found all we needed with in and vicinity of the apartment. Great place and area to stay in.

Emmanuel A.

Beautiful, central, great host, great apartment. Would definitely love to stay again.

Hannah K.

Great apartment in a great location!

June 2017

Hadas B.

The apartment is more than perfect!!! Located in the most perfect place- 2 minute walk from Machne-Yehuda market and just near the light train station. The building itself is a beautiful preserved building and the apartment was so amazing that we didn’t want to leave. Chaim the contact person was so helpful- he answered to any question and request. He was the perfect host!!! Definitely coming back.

Cliel S.

Amazing place, perfect location, great amenities and responsive host. You shouldn’t have any hesitation in booking this townhouse.

May 2017

Karen F.

The place was great. Centrally located and beautiful.

Karen R.

This apartment is a real find! Beautifully renovated, centrally-located and quiet, it has all the amenities needed for an extended stay – including on-site parking, a washer/dryer, and air conditioning. Plus, there’s a supermarket right downstairs. The owner could not have been nicer or more responsive – making sure we had a Nespresso machine and blender. In case you’re wondering, the photos are 100% accurate!

Marc S.

This apartment was a perfect location for our family vacation. We were walking distance to all the different neighborhoods , shopping and restaurants. The apartment was spacious and clean. There was a park around the corner which my kids loved being at. We would stay here again on our next visit.

Diane G.

The Harp is a beautiful, large, well laid-out apartment in a residential part of Jerusalem, walking distance to the Old City, and easily accessible to the Shuk and the Centre of Town. The rooms were all spacious, as in the pictures, with lots of linens provided. The ground floor apartment, plus underground parking, made it easy to access, especially for my elderly father. The playground and shopping nearby were very convenient when our family visited! It was lovely to be able to sit outside on the patio or under the gazebo in the back. Our only concern was that the kitchen was a bit confusing, as not all of the cabinets were labelled, and it is set up with both a kosher (meat separate from dairy) and non-kosher dishes. It should also be noted that 2 of the bedrooms face a main street, so sometimes there was a lot of noise, especially in the mornings (the honking took a bit of getting used to!) Overall, we loved it and would definitely come back.

April 2017

Anne T.

This is a beautiful, spotless apartment with four bedrooms and spacious living arrangements, including a washer an dryer, right on a tram line, very secure private parking space. We loved it.

Olivier C.

Parfait emplacement Appartement tres bien équipé pour un confort absolu

Saul T.

Perfect place, very helpful and accommodating owners

Allan S.

This apartment is really nice and situated in a quiet and central spot in Jerusalem. The beds were very comfortable and with two toilets we had no trouble being 9 people. made the logistics

March 2017

Shimon D.

Nice spacious apartment. Host were very helpful about everything.

January 2017

Jill K.

Beautiful, spacious apartment, in a phenomenal location! One short block from Ben Yehuda Street, the light rail on Jaffa Street, and buses. Pleasant 20-30 minute walk from the old city and western wall. Easy 10 minute walk to Machane Yehuda shuk. Museums, restaurants, shopping, groceries, and pharmacy all within a few minutes walk. Caution: 54 steps up to apartment and no elevator. Construction starts at 630am 6 days a week. Assume it goes until dark- so in summer, probably longer hours for noise. kitchen minimally equipped.

THE IBERIS, 3 Br, Vacation Rentals City Center

Samantha A.

The apartment was so perfect for what we needed. It was very clean, spacious and in a great location. It was walking distance to all the places we wanted to go which was great. The apartment had a washer and dryer which was very convenient. We loved staying there and would stay there again!

Rebecca S.

The apartment was beautiful and the location was excellent. Two very short blocks from Ben Yehudah. It was clean and had anything you may need for your stay. Emmanuel, the owner, and Adir, who checked us in, were both professional and accessible. I would not hesitate to recommend this apartment to anyone. It felt like home. This was my first time using airbnb, and I don’t know how any future rental will ever compete with this wonderful experience!

December 2016

Margo B.

The apartment is spacious, in a great location, and had all the amenities we wanted and were expecting. Adir stayed in contact with us before we arrived (late), kindly waited for us and provided all the necessary information for us to enjoy our stay. Thank you for a wonderful visit to Jerusalem!

Anton C.

Удобное расположение апартаментов в центре города. Проживание в данных апартаментах на высшем уровне. Владелец не поскупился на все удобства. Ванные комнаты, кухня и прачечная укомплектованы всеми необходимыми моющими и чистящими средствами. В 500 метрах великолепный рынок.

November 2016

Felix N.

The apartment was amazing! After a long flight we got to the apartment around midnight and all of us (4 adults and 3 kids) were awed! It looked even better than in the pictures! It had plenty of room for all of us to spread around. In the morning we woke up to a sun filled living room! The location was great – no more than 15-20 minute walk to all major sites. Plenty of restaurants and shops and the market – all within walking distance! The apartment was spotless! The bathrooms, the furniture, the mattresses and all of the appliances were in great shape. Plenty of towels, extra blankets, etc. We spent a great week exploring Jerusalem and felt like we really lived there! It sure beat staying at any hotel! We went to the market numerous times and enjoyed family meals. I would gladly stay there again and recommend to others!!!

Raphael L.

L’appartement est très bien placé ! Les photos reflètent parfaitement la réalité sur place et les appartements sont spacieux et très agréables à vivre. Notre hôte nous a bien expliqué et était très disponible.

Simon B.

Tout était super bien. À recommander pour tous sans hésitation. Une bonne adresse à retenir. Merci Emmanuel.+++++

October 2016

Ting C.

This is a great apartment, very clean, spacious, convenient, and close to everything that you want to see in Jerusalem. Adir was very helpful and responsive. I definitely will go there again.

Moshe S.

I worked with Tal – and eventually Emmanuel – at Tzion Apartments for our sukkos rental. There were many challenges regarding the actual unit and surrounding elements – none their fault – and they were absolutely fantastic brokers, never giving up on trying to fix it and making everyone happy, in the end we had a great holiday and as a credit to them and their commitment we are more than satisfied. I encourage anyone looking for an apt in Jerusalem to work with these good people, they’re honest and straightforward, traits than can be hard to find in this industry in general and in Israel in particular.

September 2016

Julian R.

Excellent host. Stunning apartment – thank you so much for the stay.

August 2016

Jennifer A.

I am so impressed with everything about our stay in Jerusalem. The owner/ management company were so friendly, fast and complete with their communication, and went above-and-beyond to make our stay nice. The property is located in the prime location, it was very clean and well kept, and it had everything we needed for our stay. Thank you so much for all your help! I highly recommend you, for sure!

Yossi D.

The host was incredible. Making himself available for early arrival and great service all throughout. The apartment is gorgeous and has the best fixtures, Kosher amenities with an excellent view too! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a high end Jerusalem experience.

July 2016

Sabine C.

The location and flat are excellent. We were very central and within walkable distance of Ben yehuda, a lovely food market and the Mamilla mall. The flat itself has two good sized rooms with aircon in each room and a nice lounge with balcony overlooking the city. The building itself is very tired but not such an issue. The only negative comment we have is around cleanliness as the cleaners did not do a good job whatsoever and we had to clean it ourselves before use. The bathrooms were dirty and the floor was dusty. We had expected better. The one thing I would add is that we mentioned this to the host upon departure and he did say that he was sorry and had we told him earlier he would have got the cleaners in to redo the flat.

Adam W.

Fantastic apartment in a great location. The apartment was spacious and clean and couldn’t be in a better location. The representatives were very responsive in advance of our visit and the informational book had all of the details that we needed. There was plenty of space for our group of four adults and three teenagers to sleep, eat and hang out. I would point out a few clarifications, none of which would impact our decision to stay here again: (1) we were notified that there is a long term construction project ongoing behind the building, generally it wasn’t an issue for us, however on 3 of our ten days there was a significant blast from the construction that shook the entire building before 6am, (2) the hot water takes approximately an hour to be ready for use, so one must plan in advance accordingly, and (3) there are 52 steps up from the ground level to the apartment. In total we would happily stay in this great apartment again and are looking forward to our next visit.

Boris G.

Great place! Very nice and clean.

June 2016

Rochelle S.

We were very pleased with our host and experience overall. When we arrived they were waiting for us, and very nice. We liked that they were always available if we needed them. The location was fabulous, the apt clean and comfortable. We were looking at a few different apts to rent and were very happy that we made this choice! We recommend our host!

Michael W.

This apartment was amazing. I would absolutely stay there again and highly recommend. My family of 4 had tons of space, and the extra bedroom came in handy when my parents joined us for 3 of our 6 nights. The amenities are top notch, and the location is absolutely perfect right in the center of Jerusalem – walking distance to just about everything. The view is great and the apartment is soundproof to the street noise below. Pick up and drop off is a challenge as it is a busy street, but doable with some coaching from manager Adir. Know that you must climb two flights of stairs to apartment. We are all young and fit so no trouble for us – just be aware – would be a challenge for those with bad knees.

Kevin R.

The apartment is nicely designed, compact and comfortable with a well-equipped kitchen. It’s especially nice to have separate showers. The location is outstanding. Unfortunately, we had construction going on next door, but aside from that, the area is really calm despite the central location. It’s an easy walk to the old city as well as a lot of interesting places, bars, restaurants, etc. (Check out Cafe Efraim on Arlozorov st. for breakfast: It’s also close to car rentals, art galleries, several parks, and the U.S. Consulate (just in case!). Emmanuel and Adir were both communicative and helpful even though we arrived on Shabbat and right before another holiday. Getting in and out was easy, and we had all of the information we needed.

Tsofia G.

We had a great time at Emmanuel’s apartment. Adir, who manages the place was extremely helpful and everything worked out perfectly. The space is centrally located, in walking distance to the old city and very spacious. We were there as a family of 11 and it still felt spacious. The furniture is very nice and functional. The table sat all of us comfortably. The kitchen and and the 3 bedrooms are modern, very clean and the AC is working great. We are for sure coming back!

Margaux V.

Appartement propre spacieux et confortable dans un quartier agréable ! Attention immeuble en construction juste à côté de l’appartement , donc bruyant

Mona B.

We so enjoyed this apartment; it is everything just as described. Very neat and clean, large and well maintained apartment. The manager for the host met us at the apartment and was available the entire time we were in Jerusalem. He gave us information for our stay. He attended to any needs immediately. The building is quiet and clean. The patio was great. Adir, the manager and host were very attentive to respond quickly with all communication. Adir was great; thanks so much for being available always and for putting up with room mates various issues. You are all so helpful.

May 2016

Ashley K.

This apartment served as a great home base for our group of 8 during our month long stay in Jerusalem! The location is perfect – within walking distance of the Old City, Ben Yehuda and Yafo Streets, the First Station, the Shuk, and virtually all of what Jerusalem has to offer. Travelling anywhere father is made easy by the apartments proximity to the Light Rail line. The neighbourhood is lovely and there are many shops and cafes nearby. Throughout our stay we did not deal with Emmanuel directly but instead with Adir, an employee of the apartmeny rental company. He was warm and welcoming, offering suggestions for reastaurants and things to do in the area. The apartment is actually 3 separate suites linked together by a series of doors. It was spacious and very clean. The company provided everything we needed for our stay, including towels, shampoo and conditioner, a hairdryer for each room, iron, pots and pans, etc. One of our guests had to check in earlier than expected due to becoming ill and the the company was extremely accommodating. Throughout our stay Adir checked in with us and to ensure that everything in the apartment worked well. The only drawback of this apartment was the wifi. The signal was a bit weak and at times would disappear all together. However, once we notified Adir about this problem he quickly installed another router. Overall, our group of 8 had a wonderful stay in this apartment in Jerusalem and I hope to stay in another of Emmanuel’s apartments again in the future.

Gerardo B.

Bien. Ubicación, confort, recursos

Liam C.

We were met by Adir, who works for Emmanuel. He acquainted us with the neighborhood (it’s right in the heart of the city) and the apartment. He was very accommodating. The apartment is beautiful, very secure and very well taken care of. It met all of our needs and our group was of 10 people. We were all comfortable with the 4 bunks, two beds, and two pullout mattresses. I would absolutely love to stay at this listing again.The apartment and service provided by Adir was great.

Vincent L.

The place was great and as advertised. Great location next to everything you need and not a far walk to the old city. Would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Rita G.

What an amazing place! The location was right in the center of town and walking distance to the Old City and Machane Yehuda.The apartment was well – laid out, comfortable and clean.It had everything we needed. Emmanuel was a pleasure to deal with. He was responsive and eager to help. Although we checked in late, he met us and graciously showed us how everything worked and amenities around the neighborhood. I would absolutely stay there again and highly recommend it!

April 2016

Stacey W.

This apartment is a gem in Jerusalem. Clean, modern, spacious and located in a quiet street around the corner from Ben Yehuda. The hosts went out of their way to ensure we had a great stay. We will be back!

Rachel T.

Simply amazing. The place was huge. Beautiful. Way better than the pictures. Location was incredible. Within walking distance to restaurants and shopping on Ben Yehuda street. Literally across the street. Taxis available right outside. Our kids loved it, especially the bunk beds. The only problem we had was the crazy construction that started every morning at 7 am at the back of the apartment. And parking. If you have a car, budget for parking. I would totally recommend this place and would stay there again when we return! Oh, and Adir was great. Made sure we had everything we needed. Kept in touch. A great experience.

Chaim R.

I visited Israel with my family (wife, 2 kids + in-laws) in April 2016 and stayed in Rechavia. Our overall experience with Tzion was a 100% positive one. We could not have been more pleased with the apartment and the service provided. The apartment was in fantastic condition and more than adequate for our needs.

Karen T.

The host was so welcoming and communicated clearly with easy instructions for arrival. The location was safe and welcoming. Easy walking distance to many sites and eating locations. The host was very helpful and very kind in working with him. Thank you for sharing this wonderful apartment.

Maurice L.

The apartment was well suited for my needs. The small refrigerator, stove and kitchenware allowed me conveniently to prepare small meals so I wasn’t dependent on restaurants for all meals as would be the case in a hotel and the washer and dryer were a definite plus.. I had set some location parameters and the list of suggested apartments fulfilled my requirements providing convenient access to transportation and shopping. Adir was most helpful when meeting me upon my arrival at the apartment showing me the apartment features and appliances and how to operate them.

March 2016

Gigi F.

The apartment was as described. It was perfect for us. We were a group of 7. Especially the big living area/kitchen was great to hang out. Adir was very helpful and uncomplicated. It was very clean and comfortable. The neighbourhood was great aswell, within walking distance there was the old town, the public transportation was right outside.

Marvin M.

I host very pleasantly welcomed us. The apartment was all that we needed. The location was very centrally located for shopping and bus transportation. We were well pleased. It had a nice living room and kitchen to be together with friends.

Marvin M.

We received a very warm welcome. The apartment met our needs well. It was nice to have enough room to welcome our friends to enjoy meals with us.

Loreta B.

Emmanuel was very kindly and solved all problems immediately.

February 2016

Marlena T

My husband and I were very pleased with the apartment that we rented. Adir’s attention to our every concern and need was efficient and sincere. This was our 2nd time using Tzion apts. We would not hesitate to call upon them in future

Kara B.

The apartment was just as pictured. Great central location. Very spacious and clean. There is construction in the area and jackhammering from 7am until 5pm every day. We were starting our day that early and gone all day so it didn’t bother us but thought I should mention it. You walk through a store to the 2 flights of stairs but the shop owner was always friendly. Adir met us on the first day and told us about the apartment. WIFI worked great! We had a little difficulty with the dryer but Adir made a special trip to help us. Would recommend this place to famliy and friends. Once again, great location, very clean and tons of space.

Esther K.

We highly enjoyed our stay in this centrally located, family friendly, clean, spacious, well equipped and maintained apartment. In terms of organization (arrival, departure times etc.) everything was very good. Our kids kept speaking of “our nice appartment” in Jerusalem. We would come back any time!

January 2016

Teresa M.

Our host (Adir) was amazing and extremely helpful and flexible to our schedule. Very personable and gave us additional help with area. The MOST amazing Location, the place was Spotless and well stocked. Comfortable beds.

Howard K.

This was our first Airbnb. I am accustomed to luxury hotels so this wasn’t that. But it was pretty good. Enough room for my family. The host met us upon arrival and was available by phone for the rest of the stay. Neighborhood is great. Washing machine was very helpful. Place was clean. Had a little trouble with the tv but that could have been us not understanding the system. Once we adjusted to it not being a fancy hotel, it was a great value. Likely saved me 75%. I would do it again and would stay with these folks.

Malki S.

We stayed in the apartment for a month. Any issues we had were responded to and resolved in a timely basis. The apartment had all the amenities necessary for us, and was comfortable and warm in the chilly weather we had in December.

Hilda L.

The department it’s exactly as its described and as we could saw it in the pictures. In the heart of Jerusalem just across Ben Yehuda Street. We enjoyed our stay very much. Emmanuel and Adir were very helpful.

December 2015

Matt R.

My family traveled to Israel with our synagogue and for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. I never had used Airbnb before and was quite nervous about exactly how I was going to get the apartment keys, would it be nice, etc. On my way into the city, I contacted Adir, the broker who worked with us. Adir couldn’t have been more accommodating. He met my family and I at the apartment, gave us a tour and made us feel welcome. Prior to our arrival, he wanted to make sure we had enough food and offered to arrange for groceries to be delivered. Everything was absolutely perfect! We even used the rooftop deck for a party with our group. They were all jealous that we were staying in such a nice place for half the price they were paying for the hotel around the corner. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it was my first Airbnb experience and definitely won’t be my last. I just hope that the next time I travel, the host is accommodating as this one.

Penina H.

All our questions and concerns were dealt with promptly and cheerfully

Dovid H.

Very nice and pleasant, clean and well stocked apt. Very cordial, sincerely nice people.

Marie R.

Un très bel appartement tout équipé et super bien placé dans la ville neuve, la vieille ville est facilement accessible à pied.nous avons été très bien accueillis. Seul petit bémol: la connexion internet n’est pas très bonne. C’est un lieu très agréable que je recommande pour un séjour en famille ou entre amis.

November 2015

Simcha F.

One of the nicest and best apartments in Jerusalem. They are attentive, helpful and nice!

Sandy L.


October 2015

Alex S.

Adir and the team at Tzion Apartments helped me find a perfect flat in downtown Jerusalem for ten of my friends the week before my wedding. It was comfortable, affordable, and in a great location. Adir was always helpful and responsive, and everyone had a great time staying in the flat. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Selwyn C.

We really enjoyed being in this apartment (The Rose). Firstly the service given by Adir & Emmanuel was really great. The latter met us & assisted us to settle in to the apartment, & then Adir went out of his way to make sure that everything worked & we were comfortable .Both were extremely efficient, helpful, friendly & courteous. Even the owner of the apartment (I forget his name) came to fix something in the apartment & was very helpful & friendly. We loved the situation of the apartment, between Agripas & Yafo Streets. We would recommend this apartment to anyone who wished to be in central Jerusalem.

Selwyn K.

The apartment was exactly as advertised and met our needs perfectly. Everything is in good condition and the flat is was equipped with everything we needed. The position is central to everything and has the Supersol below which is very convenient. The guys at Tzion apartments are very easy to deal with and looked after all our requirements. It is highly recommended

Shella Y.

Hello and thank u so much. The place was great. Modern clean and very central. Emanuel was there to greet us. And was very pleasant and warm.

September 2015

Sara J.

The apt. Was clean, spacious and beautiful. It was one block from Ben Yehuda street and 25 minutes walk from the Kotel. We got plenty of towels and dishes. Unfortunately we kept having a problem with wifi, The manager was very nice and always responded to our texts in a timely manner, he tried to get it fixed. Would definately rent it again!

August 2015

Shai F.

We had a first-rate experience — comfort, convenience, courtesy. Any minor issue that arose was promptly addressed without drama. All appliances and furnishings met or exceeded U.S. standards, and we seemed to have exclusive access to a finished roof deck overlooking Mamilla. Most importantly, we look forward to returning!

Joan O.

The host was very welcoming and helpful.

Johannes S.

Vi kom litt for tidlig og leiligheten var ikke ferdig vasket. Vi fikk satt fra oss bagasjen og det var ok

Stella G.

Don”t be put off by the stairs to climb as behind the doors are wonderfully furnished and equipped apartments that you can see in the pictures. We had a great stay, beds are comfortable and you’ll find everything you need in the kitchen. Everything was spotless . We enjoyed our stay and hope Emmanuel will host us again.

July 2015

Saul F.

I just stayed 10 night in the King David! The apartment was just perfect. Clean, comfortable. New appliances. Lotsa towels, extra pillows and blankets. Adir was available and quickly responsive to all emails and calls. I would definitely rent from him again.

Ari Z.

Fiquei muito a vontade, meu anfitrião me deu o numero do código da fechadura o que facilitou minha segurança para entrar no apartamento já que não dependia de pegar a chave com ninguem.

Michel C.

Très bel appartement situé dans un environnement agréable et fonctionnel.. La description et les photos correspondent tout à fait à la réalité.

Amy S.

Lovely apartment in a fantastic location. Very close to shopping, restaurants and the new team line. It was very clean and bright – perfect for our group of 4 adults and 2 kids. Adir, who manages the apartment for Emmanuel was very helpful – communication was great before we arrived and during our stay, and he stopped by a couple times to make sure everything was OK. Great washer and dryer, which were a welcome feature after three days in the dusty desert!!

Jen M.

Emmanuel’s apartment is beautiful and located right in the heart of Jerusalem within walking distance to Ben Yehuda Street and the Old City (a bit of a walk but doable!). We were ver comfortable with our two young children. The bedrooms were spacious with space for the 4 of us. The kitchen was lovely and the space airy. The building itself is old and run down, but the apartment was an oasis. We used the washer dryer which was fantastic.

Alex R.

My family’s stay at Emmanuel’s apartment was excellent. The apartment is located right in the center of town, super close to all kinds of cafes, restaurants, shops and convenience stores. The Old City is a 10-15 minute walk down the road, and there are several noteable places to eat very close by (Kadosh, Ben Sira Humus, Tmol Shilsom). The apartment itself is gorgeous and light, and despite overlooking a main road, the apartment itself is very quiet. Emmanuel’s assistant Adir was very friendly and helpful in terms of getting us settled in and making sure we had everything we needed. He was very communicative and was willing to pop in to check in on things when needed. We’d definitely recommend this apartment to anyone looking to house a group of people in Jerusalem. Hopefully we’ll be back soon 

Chana E.

This apartment was exactly what we were looking for! It was clean and neat, with enough public spaces (kitchen, dining room table and couches) for a few of us to set up our laptops while others watched TV. The location was great – we walked to the center of town a couple of times (not super close but eminently walkable), with several bus lines nearby. The individual room air conditioners allowed us each to set the temperature to our own liking. Adir (the representative we dealt with) was super-responsive. We would definitely consider this apartment for our next stay in Israel!

June 2015

Josep M.

Mi esposa y yo disfrutamos mucho de este apartamento. Muy bien situado y con una vitalitat ciudadana que te hace sentir bien y vivir el dia a dia de la sociedaad jerosolimitana. Emmanuel y Adir nos hicieron las cosas muy fàciles. Adir es una gran persona con mucha paciencia, siempre que tuvimos una necesidad se prestó inmediatament a ayudarnos y le damos las gracias por ello. Sin duda nos gustaria volver a tener contacto en un futuro con Emmanuel y Adir. Gracias.

Rachel S.

Our host made us feel very welcome. Adir met us at the time we asked him to meet us. He showed us how everything in the apartment worked. The apartment was very comfortable and centrally located. I would very happily stay there again.

Amelie L.

Nice house! Everything is same as the pictures. Great location!

May 2015

Erick A.

We loved this little apartment. Very nice location in Katamon right near Emek refaim. The apartment had enough bedding to accommodate us and having the kitchen made our stay worth while. (We kosherized it) wifi works a little slow and the TV didn’t work for us but I let Adir know and he was pro active to try and get it to work for us. The AC worked perfectly and it was nice to be able to turn the water heater on at night as well.

Rochel Leah E.

The apartment was beautiful, clean and exactly as described. Beds, linens and towels were clean and comfortable. Wifi, AC and washer/dryer worked beautifully. The location is fantastic and it was a perfect home away from home for our family. Thank you!

Yetta T.

Beautiful apartment in a great location. Exactly like the pictures. Spacious, clean, comfortable and equipped with everything we needed. My kids loved the bunk beds! Loading luggage off King George Street is a challenge since it is closed to private cars during the day. But we used Shmuel Ha-Nagid Street to access the building from the back. No elevator in the building but still worth it! Hosts were very accommodating and responded quickly to all our questions. We would definitely stay here again and highly recommend to everyone.

Sergio F.

great apartament, great location

Jordan G.

This is simply a fantastic apartment. The location can’t be beat, and the apartment was very spacious and comfortable, even for a group of 5 men. Photos were completely accurate, and Emmanuel was a pleasure to communicate with. I would definitely choose to stay here again on my next trip to Jerusalem.

Rick M.

Heel mooi en groot appartement. Goed ingericht en midden in het centrum gelegen. Op loopafstand van de Mahane Jehuda markt maar ook van de ‘oude stad’. Enkel minpuntje is het regelmatig wegvallen van het internet, maar daarom ga je niet op vakantie!

Apr 2015

Daniel B.

Great apartment in a great location. Very nice and spacious 3 bedroom apartment. Everyone who saw the place was impressed. The pictures are accurate. The apartment was reasonably clean and the beds were pretty comfortable. Would definitely stay there again.

Steven C.

The apartment was in an excellent location in the heart of Jerusalem. Our family of 4 was very comfortable. The apartment is on the second floor but this was not a problem for us. Adir, our contact for the owner, helped us arrange parking which was very helpful. The apartment was well represented in the photos. We arrived late and this was not an issue as Adir provided us with a code to enter. I’d highly recommend this apartment.

Jared M.

I had a very positive experience with Tzion Apartments and would recommend their services to anyone.  I booked an apartment near the King David for Passover.  The Tzion listing was accurate and the service in booking the unit was very helpful and friendly.  The apartment itself was exactly what we needed and the Tzion staff was readily available for questions.  Tzion delivered on all of its promises.  I intend to use Tzion on the next trip to Israel.

Sophie Z.


Martine C.

L’appartement est propre, rénové, en bonne état. Emmanuel se soucis du confort de ses hôtes et de leurs besoins. Nous avons passé un très bon séjour

Travis A.

Great place at the beginning of Emek Refa’im! Location is excellent, close to everything in the German colony and just a short walk or cab ride to the old city. Also located right next to the recently renovated “train station” with restaurants and shops. Spacious, clean room and has everything needed for a vacation stay. Particularly liked the outside deck area – great for getting some sun or doing work while enjoying the weather. WiFi worked flawlessly and place even had an adapter for US electrical plugs. A+

Mar 2015

Evgeny T.

The apartment was perfect, even better then on the pictures. Great location, 15 minutes to the Old city. Lot’s of shops and cafes around. All equipment was new and functional. Nespresso machine was a perfect unexpected add-on. We never met the owners in person, as we arrived on shabat and left during shabat. But we talked well over phone and all issues were timely solved.

Feb 2015

Ron B.

What a wonderful  experience  we had both with the apt and with the rental management.  We were met at the apt n shown around and explained everything. The apt is in the best! Location. Close to everything!  We found the apartment in very clean and new condition. Would definitely  stay there again.

Baila O.

We stayed here for 13 nights and found the apartment exactly as described–spacious, clean, new, bright, and very well equipped! Lots of towels and linens. Great closet space! Big enough for our kids in Israel to join us. Comfortable to hang around! Emmanuel was gracious and attentive. And you can’t get a more central location. We would happily stay there again and are glad to recommend this place!

Jan 2015

Gloria B.

The apartment was perfect for our family. Really BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING AND CENTRAL , close to everything, The Old City, Mahane Yehuda, etc. The apartment has everything you need, clean and new. There is even a balcony with a nice view and parking which is so useful but rare and difficult to find in Jerusalem. It is really The Perfect Place to stay in Jerusalem. We enjoyed very much our stay here and we highly recommended it. Emmanuel and Adir are great hosts. Thanks again and hope we can come back and stay here.

Dec 2014

Beth E.

Listing and photos were completely accurate. Apartment inside is stunning (especially loved the lighting). Amazing location (tho outside of building is old). Terrific views. All the comforts of home. Worked out great for our family!

David S.

Our host welcomed us graciously, the location was excellent, apartment exactly as described.

Clark V.

We absolutely LOVED the apartment. We felt so much like home that after a month it was terribly difficult to say goodbye. The apartment is gorgeous, the location is absolutely ideal, and the staff was beyond accommodating. Can’t wait to stay there again! p.s. – There’s a fantastic yeshiva downstairs with 7:30am shacharis, 1:10 mincha and 7pm maariv

Oct 2014

Hi Emmanuel,Our trip to Israel was greatly simplified with you involved and I appreciate it.   Anyone securing your services will benefit and I will certainly pass it on!  I would love to do this again in a couple of years and hope to get you involved once more!Please put me onto your email list and keep me posted.Wishing you all the best, and again, thank you.

Sept 2014

We loved our stay at the apartment. It was very new and clean. The apartment is in a great location. The neighborhood was very quiet. It was close to the old city, shopping, restaurants and cafes. Great little balcony to have breakfast outside.

Aug 2014

Stephane B.

Very nice stay in Jerusalem on this flat Oustanding view, nice appartement all furnished , and all brand new equipments for a kosher family, and best location you can find between center and short distance to mamilla street and western wall … Host was helpfull, reactive, couldnt been better for an all month stay …

July 2014

Joe M.

The apartment was superb. Just as depicted. Fantastic area central to everything we needed and wanted. Everything worked and the few very minor issues were quickly resolved with a call to Emmanuel.

Deborah Y.   

Lovely apartment! Very centrally located. My family, 2 adults and 3 children stayed for over 2 weeks and were very satisfied. Beautifully renovated and fantastic views. We would highly recommend this apartment.

June 2014

Helena R.

Emmanuel is very good host. The apartment is very comfortable, well located and well equipped. But a little austere in some details. For example no bedside lights in one of the rooms, and no closet too. But these are minor details.

Catherine C.

Appartement très agréable, bien aménagé et tout propre, calme avec une grande terrasse très bien situé à quelques minutes du marche, beaucoup de commerces et restaurants, nombreux bus à proximité et tramway devant l’immeuble possibilité d’aller à pied dans la vieille ville en 20 minutes environ propriétaire très serviable et attentif manque peut être un peu de vaisselle a part cela …. à recommander +++

Deena K.

Our stay at Emmanuel’s apartment was fantastic. Location was absolutely perfect. Minutes to Jaffa Gate and the old city in one direction and just minutes to all the cafe’s and shopping on Ben Yehuda in the other. Emmanuel was helpful. Apartment was clean and new. Plenty of space too.

Grace N.        

Hello Emmanuel –

The apartment at 7 Yotam is delightful.  It met all my requirements:  well situated on a quiet street, surrounded by greenery, just a short walk to busy Emek Refaim Street with all its shops and restaurants; very good bus options close by; modernized kitchen; comfortable rooms; nice bathrooms (excellent shower!);  washer and dryer in unit; garden; and only four steps to enter the apartment.

I greatly appreciated having the plata and Shabbat hot water pot and the kosher pots and utensils.  There were ample towels and bedding.

You were a pleasure to deal with and always helpful.  Yonathan had the air conditioner and light repaired quickly.  You provided everything that was advertised, with the bonus of the television.

I do hope you were able to have the lock on the back door fixed easily.  In the warmer weather I would leave the door open at night — with the trissim down — to let in some air, so I was relieved the lock did not stick while I was there (except the last day).

As I mentioned to you, I suggest the owner consider putting a hand rail of some sort for the back steps to the garden.  And a clock would be a nice addition.

Thank you so much.  I enjoyed meeting you.  Whenever in the future I may want to rent again I will definitely contact you.  This apartment and your service helped to make my stay in Jerusalem a happy one.”

May 2014

Andy A.         

We were in a rush to find an apartment for a short stay in Jerusalem. Emmanuel provided us with excellent service; he met us multiple times at different potential locations and was extremely helpful during the entire process of selecting an apartment.

I am very appreciative for the value we received and the excellent service even during our stay.

Emmanuel worked tirelessly to surpass our expectations and provided a great renting experience. He is always our first point of contact when we want to rent again.


Tom M.

Good morning Emmanuel,

We certainly enjoyed our 2-week visit to Jerusalem.  The location of the King David residences was great and the apartment was simply perfect.  Your description was everything and more.  We have already told others about your apartments and you should be hearing from them soon.  God bless you and protect you and all of Israel.

Ulricke R.    

Me and my friend stayed in the Apartment for two weeks. Being there was really a very good experience. The flat exactly corresponds to the photos in the Internet. It is bright and clean, well-equipped and in the middle of everything, close to the market, close to the tram and in walking distance to King George and Ben Yehuda.The terrace is amazing and you have a lovely view from there. Emmanuel was very friendly and helpful and we met him on the day we arrived and on the day we left. After the first Week of our stay he even sent me an E-Mail, because he wanted to make sure that everything was fine for us. Thanks a lot Emmanuel .I can highly recommend Emmanuel’s place to all other visitors to Jerusalem kindest regards from Germany. Ulrike Roellecke

Tatiana K.

The apartment is as in the description and pictures seen – new, modern, quiet and offers everything you need for a short stay in Jerusalem. The old city and Yaffo st / Ben Yehuda st is in walking distance from the apartment. Emmanuel is a great host, very helpful. On request he organized quickly a hair dryer and big pot for cooking we asked for. He also got a jacket after we had left from the apartment we forgot there and was so kind to bring it with him to Tel-Aviv where we had left to – thank you for that once again! I can highly recommend the apartment and Emmanuel as host.

April 2014

Martin K.     

It was our first night in Israel and we didn’t know what to expect but any “doubts” we might have had were quickly wiped away when Emmanuel’s guy Yonathan was there to meet us. The location, Agrippas St is an absolutely awesome – 2 mins walk to the buzzing market Yahune where the restaurants are great, plenty of other food options within 2 mins walk, light rail stop 100m from the apartment and it’s only 2 stops to the Old City. Spacious, bright apartment with roomy balcony. Big bathroom, washer and dryer worked great and it is very secure. Our departure was for Masada and we hired a car but found out the day prior that the hire company didn’t have car seats for our 2 kids. Emmanuel quickly sorted out 2 for us from his own resources – an absolute life-saver! Great guy, great apartment in a great city.

Ron D.           

The apartment was fine and my kids were happy .  Your service and professionalism was outstanding, and I look forward to working with you in future.

Truly Yours,

Cindy H.

We rented the apartment on King George Street from Emanuel for Pesach.Emmanuel was a perfect host. Since we would be staying at the apartment for Pesach, we spoke in advance and Emmanuel arranged to have the apartment cleaned for Pesach and bought us new pots and dishes. He met us at the apartment, showed us around and was available for any questions during our stay. When Emmanuel heard we were hosting a large group for Seder, he even brought me a Pesach soup pot. The apartments as very comfortable beds, a pleasant surprise, is conveniently located, across the street from The Great Synagogue, a walk to Machne Yehuda, and a Supersol is downstairs. I would highly recommend Emmanuel and this apartment.

David G.       

Dear Emmanuel,

The apartment was very nice, comfortable and central. It is an excellent location, next to the light rail system, next to the Shuk, Mahane Yahuda. It is across the street from Nachla’ot, and a 15/20 minute walk from Jaffa Gate.

We hope to return after we have visited other parts of the country.

March 2014

Alla G.  

Whenever we traveled to Israel we always stayed in a hotel. This time we decided to try something different and we were delighted with our decision but more importantly with our choice of the apartment. The apartment was not only very central but was very comfortable and pleasant. It was sunny, kitchen well equipped (including things we could use instead of buying big packets of things we would not use) and washer and dryer was a G-d sent. My husband absolutely loved the big patio/balcony and it was great to eat there under a lovely spring sunshine. The cable was very appreciated. But best of all was Emmanuel who was a great host not only in his pleasant caring manner but his every attentiveness. Whenever something needed his attention he was there taking care of it and us. We and our family are definitely planning to use the place again.

Yehuda C.

Emmanuel is an excellent host. It became obvious even before we arrived. Days earlier we inquired whether a hair drier was available with the apartment. It wasn’t, but Emmanuel bought one new, to be available to us and to future guests. In every way, Emmanuel was very accommodative and he is in addition a very pleasant guy.

Vlad G.

During our stay in Jerusalem we needed a microwave, a washer and a double bed. This is why we chose an apartment rather than a room in a hotel. And the one was great both by the location (right at the tram line, 2 stops away from the Old City and 3 stops away from the Central Bus Station) and by the equipment. It was the same as depicted except for the oven which Emmanuel kindly replaced by a microwave, since it better corresponded to our needs. Emmanuel was an excellent host, very polite and helpful. He told us about all the equipment in the apartment and provided with washing powder, he also kept us informed about the city events including marathon which could have intervened into our plans to get to the airport on the day of departure. We enjoyed our stay in Jerusalem and would recommend Emmanuel as a host and exactly this apartment.

February 2014 

Chani E.

We had a great stay. The apartment worked out really well. It is in a great location, and had everything we needed. Emmanuel was an amazing host. Very helpful, and he went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable.

Simcha F.

My friends stayed at Emmanuel’s apartment across the street from the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem over Chanukah break.  They told me that they had a great experience and I would enjoy the apartment and the service.  Emmanuel met us at the apartment, showed us everything we needed to know, was clear and courteous and helpful. The apartment was even better than the pictures and had great amenities. The location of the apartment was ideal with Supersol at the bottom of the building and Ben Yehuda five minutes away. I can’t wait to come to Jerusalem again stay in one of Emmanuel’s apartments. I just referred a friend to stay here and plan on staying here for Sukkot.

Thank you for taking great care of us Emmanuel.

Ron D.

The apartment was fine and my kids were happy.     Your service and professionalism was outstanding, and I look forward to working with you in future

Truly Yours,

January 2014

Daniel A.
Je tiens à vous remercier en mon nom et aussi au nom de ma femme et la famille qui a séjourné dans cet appartement.
L’appartement était parfait au point de vue du confort, de la situation privilégiée au centre de Jérusalem ainsi qu’à votre accueil et à votre disponibilité. Nous ferons sûrement appel à vous lors d’un prochain séjour.Et, comme je vous l’ai dit, nous envisageons notre Alya vers Juin 2015 SDV
Chavoua Tov et à bientôt

Howard K.
Emmanuel was a pleasure to work with. He met with my daughter so she could see the apartment before I arrived from the states.  He met us at the apartment as soon as we arrived and showed us everything in the apartment. The lines were clean, the apartment was immaculate and It was fully stocked with kosher dishes and utensils,  laundry detergent, and even Shabbat candles.  Emmanuel was available for whatever we needed during our stay.  I will use Emmanuel the next time we rent an apartment in Jerusalem and highly recommend his services. He made our stay in Jerusalem very enjoyable.

Deena L.

Book this apartment before it’s too late! We spent 9 days here and it was amazing. The decision to rent this apartment rather than a hotel was the best one we made. There was plenty of room for our family of four – two bedrooms and one and a half baths. The apartment was so well appointed. The fixtures and decor were modern. The mattresses were comfortable. The design was sleek. And it was so clean! The marble floors and white decor were spotless when we arrived. Plenty of white linens and towels – all so clean. We had all the “little things” that we needed. Plenty of paper goods (napkins, etc) for dining. There was even shampoo and laundry detergent. It was so convenient to do some laundry during our stay. I can’t rave enough about the location. Being only semi familiar with Israel, it was really hard to tell where a lot of the apartments were located. Some looked like there were off on random side streets. This one was in a safe and secure area – right on King George Street. We walked everywhere. To the Mamilla Mall, to the Old City, to Ben Yehuda Street and to countless restaurants. Everything was so close and convenient. We only rented a car for a few days and there is an ample parking lot below the building. You should also know that the building is right above a supermarket. It made it so easy to run down for a snack or drink anytime.

Emmanuel was great! He tailored the check in and check out times to meet our flight schedule. He called to make sure we had what we needed and even helped us our first night in. It was late at night and we were exhausted. He called the local pizza delivery and arranged dinner for us. Thank you!

Our family spent 9 days here. We consider ourselves “hotel snobs”. We enjoy staying in 4 star accommodations and this did not disappoint. After long touring days, it was a pleasure to come back to our “home”. Next time we come to Israel, we’re calling Emmanuel. We’ve already recommended this apartment to friends. You will not be disappointed!!!

December 2013

Yaakov F.

Wonderful wonderful apartment. As Emmanuel mentioned the hard part of our trip was the 20 inches of snow and that made the apartment that much more of an asset. We spent great deal of time in the apartment and kept on marveling how perfect it was. For a few hours on Friday we lost power (the entire neighborhood did, not the apartment) and Emmanuel callled me from where he was to make sure I was OK. They (Emmanuel and his associate Shayel) even worked with me to be able to have a place to store my luggage all day after late checkout since my flight was 1 AM and I didnt want to drag it round with me.

All in all they were great hosts and I will refer my friends to them as well as look forward to my next Jerusalem trip to spend with them.

Definitely two thumbs up!

Benjamin C.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed our apartment rental on King George Street in Jerusalem. Very airy and spacious in an amazing location. It was fabulous to have parking included as well. Emmanuel was a great host and took care of our needs. We would surely rent this apartment again in the future. THANK YOU EMMANUEL!

November 2013

Sara K.

Lovely, sunny, clean apartment. Completely renovated. Everything is thought of. Shabbat hot plate, crock pot, hot water urn, etc. Location was very good for us. We were walking distance to the places that we wanted to go to on a daily basis. Anyplace further is just a bus ride or taxi away.
Thank you Emmanuel

October 2013

David S.

Emmanuel was a great host who made us feel very welcomed and sorted us out with parking and helped with other queries. The apartment is newly refurbished and located very conveniently in walking distance to the Old Town. Would definitely use again next time when we are in Jerusalem.

July 2013


Emmanuel was perfect! He was extremely professional, helpful and friendly. It was a very pleasant experience to work with him.

June 2013


We greatly enjoyed our stay in Jerusalem! The apartment is very nice and cozy. It has a nice view from the balcony, tinted windows so that it does not get very hot during the day (we did not even have to use the air conditioning system), all kitchen appliances that you might need and everything else. The location is great: close to the market, the tram line, the shopping districts, and tourist attractions. Emmanuel was very welcoming, helped us when we arrived and when we left, provided a lot of useful information about the area.


This is a great apartment, in what I think is one of the best locations in Jerusalem. It’s 1BR, with a huge balcony and a kosher kitchen. It’s literally steps away from the Machane Yehuda market, great restaurants, and an easy walk to almost everywhere else you want to go. And Emmanuel was a great host, to boot.

May 2013


Emmanuel was an amazing host, and the apartment was exactly as pictured! We felt at home in the heart of Jerusalem, and Emmanuel was readily available for all of needs, and made sure that we had the best experience possible. I know that when we return to Israel, we have the perfect place to stay.

March 2013


We stayed for almost 2 weeks in March 2013, 2 adults and 1 toddler (2yo).Take home point: this apartment was wonderful, and we would absolutely stay there again. It was modern and clean, with all the necessary amenities and a location that really can’t be beat. Steps to the Shuk, steps to Ben Yehuda, literally across the street from a light rail stop with easy access to the Old City, and everywhere else it goes. You will not regret renting it. Emmanuel is a caring and gracious host and did everything within his power to ensure that we had a satisfactory stay. The following is an example of that:

There were a couple of technical issues with the apartment. The cable TV wasn’t working when we arrived, and when Emmanuel fixed it he accidentally knocked out the WiFi. This was a much bigger issue for us than the TV, as we needed it for internet phone calls, Viber, FaceTime, etc. Emmanuel worked diligently to get it fixed and this was done within 2 days (and only that long because of the holiday for the beginning of Passover). He agreed to a monetary reimbursement to compensate us for the inconvenience of being without WiFi for a couple days. He really wanted us to leave with a positive experience. He even personally helped us move our baggage across the street to my grandmother’s apartment prior to our flight home.

This particular apartment (number 11) has a HUGE child-safe balcony that is worth its weight in gold, especially if you have a kid in tow. They can get all their energy out by running, blowing bubbles, and even riding a small bike out there. And even though the apartment and balcony face out over Agrippas St, it is nice and quiet inside.

Apart from the technical snafu I mentioned above, the only other negative is the hot water tank is likely a bit small, so even if you leave the heater on for several hours prior to showering, the hot water tends to run out after about 1.5 showers in a row. There was definitely enough hot water for 2 quicker back to back showers, though.

Again, overall a very positive experience largely due to Emmanuel being responsive and present whenever we needed something.

Feb 2013


Had an amazing stay here, beautiful apartment in a great location, there was initially some problems with the stove at the beginning and some wifi connection problems but was all promptly fixed. The host was very hospitable and helped make my stay amazing.

January 2013


Emmanuel was a wonderful host and went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed. The owner, Edi, was also a very nice man. The one down side to our stay is that the stove top was not working and did not work for our entire stay. Edi tried to fix it, but unfortunately was not able to. Other than that the location of this property was THE BEST. It’s very close to the Old City, Mamilla Mall, and the hottest spots in all of Jerusalem! I would strongly recommend this property to anyone who has a maximum of four people, five at the most! Emmanuel was very responsive to my calls and emails prior to our trip and equally responsive after we got there. Again, one minor problem which did not detract from our stay at all!



The apartment was everything we could have asked for and more. It is in the perfect location close to Mamilla Mall, the Old City, Ben Yehuda Street, and the train stations. All the nightlife is around you. The apartment is spacious with hotel like amenities. For the price you pay, it is definitely the best deal in Jerusalem.

Emmanuel was really nice and professional. He speaks English really well and was available and willing to help us with our luggage. He stayed to ensure everything worked fine and we were satisfied. He called us the next day to make sure our first night had no problems.

Once again, we cannot begin to praise the apartment or Emmanuel enough. Thank you for making our first anniversary as a married couple a memorable one!

Victor et Valerie

Ca s’est bien passé, Baruch Hashem.

C’est un temps magnifique que de passé ces fêtes à Yeroushalaïm.
Nous avons rencontrés de nouvelles personnes, étions invités dans une soucca
plusieurs soirs, participer à la veillée avec le Rabbin Sitruk puis
temps au Kotel…..
nous avons même retrouvés d’autres amis de France…..s’était une
bonne surprise!
oui Baruch Hashem tout était bien.

Encore merci pour votre service, l’efficacité, le soutien, comment
vous avez eu à coeur
que nous soyons bien….en fait pour votre investissement, Baruch
Hashem,  vraiment nous avons
beaucoup apprécié et ça nous a touché.

Nous restons en contact pour nos prochaines venues en Eretz Israël,
Besrat Hashem.

Larry B.

My mom and I were very happy with the whole arrangement and I can just say that she very much enjoyed her stay. I don’t really have anything to add other than that! Thank you very much for all your care and help!

Mushky B.

Our stay in Jerusalem was amazing bh! On behalf of myself and my friends, thank you and we will bli neder choose tzion apartments again and tell other people about it too.

Eli & Naomi

Thank you very much for the wonderful APT and all your assistance, It was a pleasure dealing with you. We really enjoyed our stay.

David S.

Thank you.  We enjoyed the apartment and the location, and yourself and the owner were very responsive and good to deal with.  To be honest, it is not an apartment that is suitable for three people.  I was under the impression the living room was fully separate and there was a hideaway bed, instead of cushions on the floor.  That well may be my misunderstanding but in the in future, you should discourage use of the apartment by other than couples, or couples with young children.  We loved the location, though and I am recommending it to a couple who are visiting next fall.

Claire K.

Nous avons loué cet appartement pendant les fêtes de Pessah. Le ménage de pessah était fait, nous disposions d’une vaisselle cacher et de tout l’équipement nécessaire pour notre confort. L’immeuble et le quartier sont calmes, très bien situé. L’accueil était chaleureux, nous nous sommes sentis nous et nos enfants comme à la maison.

Nous recommandons les services de Tzion Apartments ainsi que l’appartement de Shalom Aleichem. Nous reviendrons !

A bientôt

Claire K.

Mr Pinhas U.

J ai loué à l’agent immobilier M Emmanuel Lellouche un appartement a la résidence David Ameleh et j’ ai été agréablement surpris de ce confort hors norme ! Des lits confortables pour des dormeurs exigeants , une cuisine bien équipe et des machines a laver et sécher pour le confort de tous.Une magnifique terrace calme avec vue sur jardin et un voisinage très silencieux ! Un service de sécurité pour garantir les lieux des indésirables ! Une propreté de l’ apparentement digne des grand palaces et un sérieux de l agent immobilier M Lellouche qui est incomparable et rare par son professionnalisme  ! Je recommande M Lellouche a tous les loueurs de biens immobiliers !


It was a pleasure working with Emmanuel Lellouch.   He found the perfect apartment for our recent trip to Israel.  In fact, we only looked at one apartment, because it met every one of our needs.  He followed up to make sure we were settled and comfortable.  I look forward to working with Emmanuel on future trips to Israel and will continue to recommend him.

MJ K., New York City

Sara G.

Emmanuel’s service is impeccable. Always available, always willing to accommodate, flexible, very straightforward and honest.  He has a nice selection of apartments and, thanks to his key collaborators, is always able to find just what I am looking for in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

I have been on assignment in Israel for the past 10 months and have very little time to search for apartments myself – I choose to work with Emmanuel exclusively when it comes to finding where to stay for myself or my employees. I know I will only be pleasantly surprised.

Emmanuel  is more than a simple agent. He is a valuable resource and a friend.

Thank you Emmanuel.

Younatan P.

Thank you .it was very pleasant stay. We were very were very nice  and accomodating to us.

David Z.

réactivité et efficacité

Beau produit de location

Suivi de clientèle

On refera appel à vous !

The Baruch family, Holland

Succot 2013 we had the pleasure to rent an apartment in Jerusalem at Tsion Apartments.

To deal with Mr Emmanuel Lellouch turned out to be very successful. He is a helpful, concerned, honest person who acts quickly in several languages, to the point, and he sticks to what has been agreed upon.

The apartment he offered us was good value for the money. Everything we were told before was indeed true, according to our wishes. On top of that Mr Lellouch arranged for us everything we needed to celebrate a lovely succot. For sure to be continued! The Baruch family, Holland

Simone A.

J’espère aussi que vous allez bien ainsi que votre famille.

L’appartement que vous nous avez loué à Arnona était très agréable et nous reprendrons certainement

contact avec vous ou avec Tzion appartements pour une nouvelle location en Israel  l’été prochain.

Alain B.

Bonsoir Emmanuel,

Concernant la location de l’appartement de vos parents à Jérusalem, tout c’est très bien passé .

L’appartement situé dans 1 quartier très agréable et calme ,est vraiment mignon , fonctionnel, confortable.

Tous les commerces sont à proximité ,ainsi que de nombreuses synagogues.

Bien à vous , hanouka saméah ,

Leah M.

Bonsoir Emmanuel

Mes parents ont étaient très content le service de l agence étaient excellent et l appartement satisfaisait notre demande, merci beaucoup pour la perfection de votre travail.


Sandra V.

Hi. Hope all is well with you. I don’t really have any comments. The apartment was good. A bit noisy in the day, but convenient and central. The owner lovely and helpful. You did what was needed and we will use you again when we come to Jerusalem. We would recommend you to others and found you helpful. You replied promptly to my questions….that’s it!

Best wishes, Sandra

Daniel A.

Je tiens à vous remercier en mon nom et aussi au nom de ma femme et la famille qui a séjourné dans cet appartement.

L’appartement était parfait au point de vue du confort, de la situation privilégiée au centre de Jérusalem ainsi qu’à votre accueil et à votre disponibilité. Nous ferons sûrement appel à vous lors d’un prochain séjour.Et, comme je vous l’ai dit, nous envisageons notre Alya vers Juin 2015 SDV

Chavoua Tov et à bientôt

Daniel Aknin

Sheina W.


My experience with Tzion was amazing! It was the easiest part of planing our trip! You where very accommodating, showed me different apartments without making me feel that I was asking to much.. We ended up with an amazing apartment with an amazing location!

Thank you!

If it means anything I have been giving your name out to anyone that tells me they are taking a trip to Israel!

Thank you!


J’ai eu recours à Tzion Apartments pour louer un apartement de trois pièces pour des amis de passage pendant une quinzaine de jours en novembre dernier. Cette location nous a donné toute satisfaction tant du point de vue des services fournis (internet, électro-ménager, couchage) que du service de l’agence (ponctualité, disponibilité). Une bonne adresse !

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