short term rental in Jerusalem vs a hotel, which one is better?

So you are planning a vacation rental in Jerusalem…?

Which way do you go..  

Benefits of vacation rentals over hotels

  • • More Spacious

If you are more than 2 people generally you will find that apartments are much more spacious than hotels. Families with kids will find it cheaper to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and they will get a spacious living room.

  • own appliances

In apartments you use your own appliances. You can cook, use a washer and dryer. this is something you don’t get in hotels

  • luxury

There are many luxury complexes where you have all the amenities like a gym and pool. Take for example Harav Kook, King David Residence, Hazer Haneviim, Monbaz and others

  • Explore the city

Immerse yourself in the the city & culture. Live like a resident and get to know your neighbour. In a hotel you’re in a cacoon. What about the extra services? A good rental agency can have the services of a hotel for example cleaning, catering and other services.

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